FAST PACED FAMILY GAME: YouKnow is a game that is quick, easy and fun for everyone.
PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: Improve your speed and accuracy in Maths on the fly. Because of the fun you are having, you don’t even realize how quickly you improve.
PLAY AT YOUR LEVEL: The same pack allows you to play at different levels! Include only addition cards for children just learning addition. Throw in all four operation cards to play at Math Champ levels!
FANTASTIC DESIGN & FABRICATION: High quality cards make the user experience even more rewarding.
IDEAL AS A GIFT: When you gift someone a version of YouKnow! you are giving them a chance to build great memories with their friends and families.

Additional information

Weight 370 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12.5 × 4.5 cm



126 Cards, Rule Sheet

No of Players

2 – 6 people


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