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It’s a puzzle with a new challenge every week!

Normally, Tangram puzzles come with a set of number shapes, given along with the kit. The objective is to use all the given pieces to form each shape. The problem, is obvious. Once you have gone through the shapes given, your puzzle is done and dusted.

Which is why we at Arty Smarty have infused a little tech into the equation. Every week, we post five new shapes for you to try click here. 

So every time you finish the set that’s been given, there’s a new puzzle waiting for you next week!

What’s more, we’ve turned this solitary pastime into a social fun fest. If you manage to finish all five shapes of the week, post pictures of all five solutions on Instagram with the tag #ArtySmarty or WhatsApp it to us on +91 6366926716 and get kudos from fellow enthusiasts, along with the chance of winning cool stuff like discount vouchers, other Arty Smarty products and more!

About Tangram:

The Tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of flat polygons, called tans, which are put together to form shapes. It is reputed to have been invented in China sometime around the late 18th century CE and then carried over to America and Europe by trading ships shortly after.It is one of the most widely recognized dissection puzzles in the world and has been used for various purposes including amusement, art, and education.

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