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Here’s an exciting new way to surprise a loved one!

Our two-sided, personalized Jigsaw Puzzle is ideal for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, career milestones, romantic moments, or just about any occasion on which you want to delight a relative, friend or a loved one.

Quickly upload a question (or statement) on one side and an image for the other. We print these back-to-back on a jigsaw puzzle, enclose it in a beautifully designed case and send it to you (or directly to the recipient if you wish).

When they open the puzzle, they are given the picture of only one side (the question) as a reference by which they need to solve the jigsaw. The colours on the pieces are kept very distinctive so they can easily make out which side they need to use.

Once they put it together, all they need to do is close the packing case, click it shut and flip it. Voila, they see the answer (in the picture) to the question on the other side!


Side 1 could have the question ‘Guess where I am taking you on your 40th Birthday’.
Side 2 could have a picture of the location with the name written on top.

Marriage Proposal:
Side 1 could have ‘There’s something I have been meaning to ask you’.
Side 2 could have a photograph of you kneeling down holding a ring.

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