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Here’s a game fit for all ages – young & old, that helps you learn new stuff, sharpen your memory while having tons of fun.

Our Mega Learn Memory packs are based on different themes like arts, sports, physics, math, etc. Choose the one that you have an interest in and get cracking.

Challenge your friends and family and see who has got the monster memory. The great part about this game is that as you play, you will unconsciously keep picking up details and data about the subject.

For example, the Art Theme pack has a set of 12 famous artists like Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Renoir and more, paired with their most famous or popular works. So while you are playing, you will start also remembering that The Potato Eaters was one of Van Gogh’s most remembered paintings or that the Sistine Chapel ceiling was painted by Michelangelo.

Each pack has new themes to develop your basics about that subject. Go ahead, pick up a new theme and learn… while you having tons of fun!

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