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Here’s the perfect party game pack!

Arty Smarty Glug consists of three games guaranteed to make any party come alive. The games have been specifically thought out to be simple so even the shyest of people participate while being interactive and fun!

Ice Soda Whiskey

A modern, slightly tipsy spin-off on an age-old classic, this game ensures that is not just kids having all the fun. This is basically rock, paper, scissors reinvented… so you drink more, of course.

Here, we use ICE, SODA and WHISKEY and the hierarchy is ICE CHILLS SODA, SODA DILUTES WHISKEY and WHISKEY MELTS ICE. A small tent card has been provided giving this hierarchy. Please place this in a position where all players can view it.

Every person takes 1 ring of each categories (ice, soda and whiskey) and gets their drinks ready!

To begin, one person is nominated by popular majority to be the GLUG. The GLUG stands in the centre and everyone else forms a circle around. The GLUG now calls a countdown of ‘One, Two, Three, Go!’.

On ‘Go!’, all players including the GLUG select one of the rings and slides it on their right index finger. The other two rings can be held with the other hand or tucked into a pocket for convenience.

Once everyone has selected their ring for the round, the GLUG breaks down the circle into three groups.

Group 1: The players with the same ring as the GLUG. These players just put down their rings.
Group 2: The player whose ring beats the GLUG. The GLUG has to count these players and take a shot for each of them. Thus, if 5 people have pulled a ring that beats the GLUG he or she has to take 5 shots.
Group 3: The players who have lost to the GLUG. Each of these players must take a shot.

The game continues with a new person nominated to be the GLUG in the same way, till everyone has had a chance to be GLUG (or everyone is drunk enough to stop playing silly games)!

Brain Freeze

To begin, one person is nominated by popular majority to be the GLUG. We recommend choosing the person who loves showing off about their memory to be first.

There are 4 types of smileys provided to represent common moods we expect people to be in after having enough to drink (if someone objects to the phrase “Enough to Drink”, they haven’t played enough of our games). The 4 smileys are Tipsy, Zombie, Cranky andBarfy.

A small tent card has been provided in case anyone isn’t sure which mood each smiley represents.
Please place this in a position where all players can view it.

The GLUGcan set the difficultly for the round by selecting how many types of smileys are in play for that round.

If the GLUG would like an easy game, he/she may choose only 2 of the smileys – But risk being called a chicken by the others. If the GLUG would like a true challenge, he/she may allow 3 or 4 of the smileys

The smileys that have been selected for that round are placed in the centre and each player apart from the GLUG chooses any one of the smileys available.

Once everyone has picked up a smiley, the GLUG is given a chance to see what each person has selected. Typically, they go in a cyclical order.

After the GLUG has seen everyone’s choices, the smileys are hidden. The GLUGmust then remember or guess which smiley each person had taken.

If the GLUG remembers a person’s smiley correctly, that person must take a shot. If the GLUG guesses incorrectly, the GLUG takes a shot.

After the round ends, continue the game by selecting another person as GLUG and repeating the process.

Meet Your Match

Shuffle the cards as thoroughly as you want (the less you shuffle the more drunk you are likely to get).
Nominate 3-4 players tobe DEALERS.

Divide the cards into stacks, one stack for each DEALER.

The DEALERS then start placing their cards, one at a time, drink side up into the middle. Start off clockwise (if you are going fast enough the order may get a little blurry).

If two consecutive cards in the middle are of the same drink, everyone must shout “GLUG!”. The first person to shout “GLUG!” is safe, but everyone else must take a shot.

If someone shouts “GLUG!” incorrectly when the last two consecutive cards are not of the same drink, he/she must take a shot.

The round ends after all the DEALERS are out of cards.

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