Make Your Own Rules

If you’ve got a great idea for a game or toy, we can bring it to life for you!

Whether it’s a game you played years ago which isn’t available any more or a suggestion on how current technology can enhance the experience of a particular toy, we’re open to collaborating with you!

We have a simple way of working which will ensure you reap maximum benefits from your idea:

  • If you have an idea you want to develop with us, contact us at
  • We will mail you back a standard Non-Disclosure Form, duly signed by us, which will ensure that we will not use your concept without your consent.
  • Once you are protected with this, you can send us the details of your idea.
  • If we like it, we will then discuss and come to an agreement with you on the profit-sharing arrangement we can offer you on the sales of the product.
  • Once that is in place, we will then take on the development, production and, finally, marketing of the product.
  • Monthly payments will be made to you as royalty on the sale of the product as per the financial agreement in place.

Go ahead, share your idea… see how we bring it to life. And then market it, so you reap benefits from it month on month without lifting a finger!