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What happens when an advertising agency, used to innovating every single day, starts thinking up toys games?
The next generation of fun arrives!
Discover a new level of Arty & Smart products which are the perfect meld of intelligent design, digital technologies like social media, IoT, AI, etc. and the leveraging of cutting-edge production materials and techniques.

The Arty Smarty Project endeavours to use ART intelligence (not Artificial Intelligence, mind you) to build great stuff, learn things and, most of all, have FUN!


Our products are fun, while also being intelligent pastimes. Learn a new skill, make your hands more adept, give your little grey cells a workout.


Most of our products are thought out to connect people. We’ve infused usually solitary activities with a social element.

For Everyone

From the young to the young-at-heart, our toys and games are designed to deliver fun, joy and satisfaction to everyone!

Meet Our Team

Nataliya Saxena
Abhishek Saraf
Abhimanyu Saraf

Digital marketing and corporate communications whiz kid turned into dreamer… and designer. Apart from handling our entire promotion program, she’s integrally involved in each and every aspect of the project.

The material man! He’s an encyclopedia of production processes and materials. And in charge of our financials. He ensures that every product is of the highest quality while still being affordable for you… and profitable for us!

A disastrous engineer turned moderately successful advertising pundit turned to middle-aged-man-searching-for-a-second-childhood.He dreams up crazy products, some of which actually see the light of day.

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